About Bee Line Logistics

Based in Ellenburg Depot, NY near the Canadian border, Bee Line Logistics -- a family-owned business -- has been proudly serving the shipping and warehousing needs of our many valued U.S. and Canadian customers for the past several years.

The company is owned and operated by Gregory Sample and Todd Sample. Gregory Sample is president of Logistics, Trucking. Todd Sample is president of Warehousing.

Elizabeth Sample is vice president for financial and accounting operations and services.

The Bee Line team is comprised of experienced and skilled experts in all aspects of logistics services. The company provides brokerage and refrigerated freight services, as well as third and fourth party logistics, transportation and warehousing.

Bee Line owns and operates its own modern, state-of-the-art trucking fleet in order to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable transportation of products and goods, including pharmaceuticals and perishable foodstuffs. We are fully insured and bonded. We proudly operate in the continental United States and throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Getting The Job DonE...With A Smile
Greg Sample and Todd Sample attribute Bee Line's great success to the company's highly-skilled, dedicated employees, including many not pictured on this page.  "We just could not achieve the high degree of customer satisfaction we enjoy without the tremendous efforts of all of our logistics, trucking and warehousing," according to Greg Sample.

Todd Sample attributes much of Bee Line's success to the friendliness of the staff, and the strong dedication of everyone to see each job through from start to finish.  "We enjoy what we do, and I think that comes through in all of our interactions with our customers," he says.

Greg Sample, President, Trucking, Logistics - Vice President Warehousing

Todd Sample - President, Warehousing - Vice President, Logistics, Trucking

Elizabeth Sample - Financial and Accounting Services

Sue Rebideau, Safety Director (left) and Lisette Boulerice, Fleet Manager (right)
Dan Garrand, Accounting Director

William Babbie, Warehouse Supervisor