As a premier full-service logistics provider, Bee Line is uniquely positioned to adapt quickly to changes in technologies, client-customer needs, financial matters and other factors involving production and distribution.

Contract Packaging
The contract packaging industry was conceived to meet the increasing demand for customization. Today, most manufacturers have on-going mass customization programs specially targeted to the retailer, postponing final product configuration until the last minute. To handle this late-in-the-game final assembly, manufacturers are turning to contract packagers like Bee Line to assist them in meeting these new requirements.

Positioned To Meet Your Needs
Bee Line Logistics positions itself as an extension of our customer’s manufacturing facility to aid in post-production activities.  For instance, we can handle high and low volume, multi-shift, food grade projects - where quality and flexibility are keys to supply management success.  Bee Line provides a range of value-added services spanning from simple packaging operations to complex distribution management solutions.

Solution Flexibility
Bee Line Logistics will shrinkwrap, wrap, package and re-package, and provide quality assurance monitoring for your product. Quick response and turn around time is a key component to the success of our contract packaging operation.

Meeting Diverse Needs
Bee Line Logistics serves a broad range of customers with unique needs. We provide third party logistics solutions applicable to nearly any type of business.  We tailor and integrate our services to your needs -- coordinate the entire physical process -- and keep you informed at all times.

Inventory Control
Need to know what products have been shipped this month, or what products you still have in our warehouse?  Depend on our computerized systems to provide updated, accurate and reliable information to you quickly and cost effectively.


Efficient, Effective Warehousing Services
Bee Line's warehousing operations employ state-of-the-art systems and technologies.  And, we take the security of your products and goods as seriously as you do.  Our climate-controlled warehouse operations serve several different customers simultaneously, and offer you the flexibility to scale your warehousing usage to your exact business needs at any given time. 

Bee Line manages the resources such as management, labor, equipment and space to ensure that every customer benefits from the most productive and cost-efficient service solution possible.  We will create an operation that meets your precise requirements, and we will make it happen on your schedule.

Shipping and Receiving
In order to insure that your procurement of goods and products happens in a seamless and time effecient manner, Bee Line has taken the extra step to insure that we have an abundant level of personnel and equipment available to make sure that your shipping and receiving is performed safely and quickly.  Time is money, and that it is important to you, and important to us.

Transloading cargo from truck to truck is a vital piece of the service package that Bee Line offers. With warehousing and warehousing services for all types of cargo - indoor or outdoor - we can help provide customers with just-in-time inventory using the most cost effective transportation means.

One thing that you can depend on when it comes to distribution is that Bee Line takes distribution seriously. Whether your product is delivered by one of our trucking fleet or another freight line, your distribution solutions are made seamless and simple by Bee Line Logistics.