Warehouse Management System

Bee Line's proprietary, state-of-the-art warehousing inventory status system features real-time customer inquiry capabilities regarding products and goods currently available in our warehouses, as well as the tracking and status of goods that have been -- and are scheduled to be -- shipped.  New shipping orders and inventory-related instructions can be entered into the system directly by the customer.  We react and respond to these orders and instructions immediately. 

With this user name and password protected system, customers have real-time access to all the information they need to ship product to us, and to track the status of all goods warehoused with us.  The Bee Line inventory control system saves our customers a tremendous amount of time and money.

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Bee Line Warehousing services include:

  • Computerized inventory control system
  • Short- and long-term storage
  • Cross-docking
  • Shipping & receiving
  • Internet Sales
  • Returns services
  • Store display design and assembly
  • United States address for Canadian exporters
  • Distribution-freight forwarding services
  • Pick & Pack services
  • Fulfillment services and packaging
  • Line haul from Montreal region directly to Bee Line warehouses
  • Shrink film and "variety" packaging
  • Reverse logistics
  • Palletizing freight
  • Product exporting
  • Loading and unloading containers
  • Spare parts management
  • Sub-assembly
  • Multi-packaging and re-packaging
  • Labeling
  • Quality inspections
  • Other value-added services

  • Bee Line Logistics offers flexible public storage and inventory management for both large corporations and smaller entrepreneurs.

  • Exceptional service -- combined with a highly sophisticated warehouse management system -- allows quick response to any client request.

  • Bee Line is a certified and approved participant in the US government's Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program.  Bee Line can assist our client-customers in guiding them through the C-TPAT applications and approval process.  Upon certification, our customers' freight shipments move smoothly and quickly across the US-Canadian border. This is because our client companies have been, in effect, "pre-screened."  Participation in the program saves you considerable time and money.