We offer a wide array of freight services and logistics solutions. Bee Line Logistics expertly considers all factors affecting your local and long distant shipments, from origin to destination. We ask specific questions regarding your shipments to ensure all accurate details are provided to service you best with quotes, rates, and delivery. We do extensive research of the current market to make sure we are competitive and move your freight at a cost-effective rate. With a comprehensive, wide-ranging perspective, we construct a shipping plan that transports your freight quickly, safely and efficiently.

Bee Line Logistics utilizes an integrated transportation management system (TMS) that provides point-to-point visibility for your shipment.

Whether we use our own Bee Line Trucking assets, or we reach out to our extensive dedicated carrier base, you will have the ability to view the status of your shipment as the load progresses from departure to arrival and everywhere in between. Bee Line Logistics knows how important it is to communicate shipment visibility with customers which allows you, the client-customer, to embrace a transparent, efficient, and professional logistics experience.

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